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First treatment

First treatmentIf you've never had acupuncture before it is quite understandable to be apprehensive - have a look at the frequently asked questions and it should reassure you.

  • Your first treatment will take up to two hours as a full medical history will be taken however subsequent treatments will be an hour.
  • It is advisable to have eaten before you come and to avoid caffeine and alcohol before and after treatment.
  • The most appropriate clothing to wear for your appointment is loose and comfortable as it is likely that your treatment will include acupuncture points that are located on arms and legs.
  • If you are being prescribed any medication it would be helpful to bring details about it with you.

Jo will ask you detailed questions about the problem that has brought you seek acupuncture and at length about your health in general. Any information will be treated in strict confidence.

As part of the treatment, you will have your pulses felt and your tongue looked at. This helps with diagnosis as it reflects what is going on inside your body.

We will talk about your priorities for treatment and the amount of treatments you might expect to need. Many patients find improvement in symptoms after one or two treatments. Others find a slower more subtle change that can take up to six treatments.

This initial session includes your first treatment so take a look at the FAQ section for what to expect when receiving acupuncture. Afterwards you may feel deeply relaxed and calm. To maintain this feeling of wellbeing, it is often advisable not to plan to do too much after treatment.


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